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GHN Expands Sales Force

Milwaukee, WI – GHN proudly announces the additions of Sales Engineer, Scott Schiller, and Southwest Regional Sales Manager, Chuck Carr.

Scott Schiller has 16 years of experience in the fluid power industry, most of which was spent installing and maintaining systems. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Management, along with an Associate’s in Electromechanical Technologies. Schiller previously worked as the Sales Engineer for Tobul Accumulator where he was able to grow his field experience.

Chuck Carr graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and earned a Fluid Power Specialist Certification. Carr has over 25 years of sales experience in the petrochemical, electrical and hydraulic industries. He went on to become a project engineer and eventually own his own automation control systems company. Carr will be based out of Texas in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and service everywhere from Mississippi to California and from Texas to Colorado.

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Ryan Knaack

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