Great Western Malting Preserves GHN History

Franklin, WI – A little over 2,000 miles away from GHN Headquarters, nestled in the heart of the Port of Vancouver Washington sits Great Western Malting (GWM).  GWM has called Vancouver home for the last 80 years, producing malt for use in brewing, distilling and food processing.  The Port’s access to river and rail allowed GWM to build business around the supply of established malters in the Midwest and East Coast.  This brought them in contact with GHN – or as it was called at the time – Galland Henning Manufacturing Company (GHMCo).  126 years ago GHMCo was the leader in the manufacture of malting drums and equipment.  As the Great Depression set in GHMCo stopped production of the malting equipment.  The last of these products is now housed at Great Western Malting’s new facility.  They have gone to great lengths to preserve the brewing history of the Pacific Northwest, and GHN is proud to have their equipment included.

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