Letter to Galland Henning Nopak Stakeholders

To the Employees, Vendors, and Customers of Galland Henning Nopak (GHN),

As the year draws to a close, GHN approaches a significant milestone: in 2017, the company will celebrate its 130th anniversary. Few companies endure to commemorate such an achievement.

Since its founding in 1887, GHN has experienced numerous periods of growth and transition. In 2016, despite continued industry headwinds, the company continued to prove its resiliency. The business relocated to its new home in spring of 2015 with significant capital investment in new equipment and the new facility. Our team has leveraged these investments to successfully decrease lead times, increase on-time delivery, offer new products and capabilities, and drive margin and operational efficiency improvements throughout the business. The company continues to manufacture robust, custom-engineered solutions for our customers, drawing on our 130 years of proven engineering expertise. We are first in manufacturing, with products engineered to last.

GHN remains a family-owned, professionally-managed business, now in its fourth generation. This provides us the advantage of a long-term view in our planning, while remaining agile to shifting market and customer needs. We, the Nunnemacher family, will not sacrifice the future well-being of our stakeholders, or the security of our business and family legacy, by valuing short-term gains over long-term stewardship. It is our mission to build long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships with all our employees, vendors, and customers.

We look forward to the opportunity to celebrate our 130th anniversary and past accomplishments in the coming year. Together, we will make the next chapter the most successful yet.

On behalf of the Nunnemacher family, I thank you all for being a part of our company’s story, and wish you and your families health and happiness this holiday season.

Happy holidays,

Heath A. Nunnemacher

Owner & Director