Listen to GHN Discuss 130 Years of Manufacturing on 620 AM WTMJ

Galland Henning Nopak Owners and Directors Heidi E. Nunnemacher and Heath A. Nunnemacher were recently interviewed on 620 WTMJ radio by the Family Business Legacy Institute‘s Dr Dave Borst. GHN is a fourth-generation family-owned, professionally managed business that recently celebrated its 130th anniversary.

GHN got its start in 1887 producing malting equipment that put Milwaukee brewers such as Pabst, Schlitz, Blatz, Miller and more on the map. During Prohibition, the company diversified its product lines to include scrap metal balers, the product for which the Galland-Henning division is known today. In the decades that followed, GHN developed more innovation with its launch of the Nopak line of air control valves and pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.

You can listen to the full radio interview below, or on the Family Business Legacy Institute’s website.