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Boosters are designed to convert low pressure shop air into an intensified hydraulic pressure. This is to eliminate costly hydraulic pumps or power back units.

Available in: Boosters / Air Oil Tanks
  • Cylinder Tubing: Hard coated aluminum, incorporating an extremely wear resistant surface, and low friction hydraulic cylinders.

    Tube Seal: Positive Controlled Metal Squeeze on Pressure Sealed O-Ring

    Rod Seals: Are self comensating to pressure, multilip vee type packing. Specifically designed for high pressure sealing and minimum leakage.

    Rod Bearing: Long wearing type bronze is concentrically machined for accurate alignment insuring longer seal life.

    Ports: are machined as a SAE dry seal national pipe thread standard

    Tie Rods and Locknuts: Tie rod material is an alloy steel for maximum strength. Nuts are of high strength steel material and designed for self locking.

    Piston Assembly: a one piece piston, machined from high strength cast iron. Two u-cup seals are of the pressure comensating sealing type backed up by teflon non-extreusion washers.

    Piston Rod: hard chrome plated stressproof steel, ground and polished, 125,000 tensile Rockwell 25C

    End Caps and Ram Nozzle: accurately machined from high quality steel plate or bar stock.

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