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Hand and Foot Valves

Nopak Hand and Foot Controlled Valves have a patented rotating lapped disc. This simple design is long lasting, with little to no maintenance.

Available in: Valves
  • Precision Control: Positive precision control through the complete cycle of valve operation, from slow gradual throttling action of instant full opening, without damaging shock, impact, or pressure cutting.

    Sealing Surfaces: The precision-lapped seaing surfaces actually improve with use due to the “lapping-in” process continuing while the valve is operated.

    Protection Against Grit, Abrasion, or Wire Drawing: The valve is always covered by the rotating disc so both sealing surfaces are always shielded from direct pressure flow and possible abrasion. An internal channel carries off any abrasive materials without damage.

    Pressure Sealing: Line pressure is exerted against the valve disc at all times to keep the lapped surfaces positively sealed.

    Packless Construction: Valves depend entirely upon metal-to-metal, precision lapped sealing surfaces for their leak-proof construction. When used for hydraulic service additional protection against leakage past the valve stem has been provided by the use of an “O” Ring in the valve body and around the stem, just below the operating handle.

  • Disc Type

    The flat, lapped disc, rotates at right angles to the stream flow, resulting in: precision control, self-improving sealed surfaces, pressure sealing, and protection rom contamination.

  • Cap Screws

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