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Class 1, 2 & M

Class 1, and 2 Cast Head Cylinders use recessed gasketed tube seals and piston to O-ring seals as standard features. Class M Cast Head Cylinders offer all the mounts and features of Class 1, and 2 with an oversize rod and welded flanges.

Available in: Hydraulic Cylinders, Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Cylinder Tubes: Hard coated aluminum. Honed and chrome plated I.D. steel tubing is furnished for 10” thru 14” diameter cylinders. Class M cylinders have honed steel tubing with welded flanges.

    Adjustable Cushion: Provides variable cushioning capacity, preventing noisy, damaging metal-to metal impact of piston against cylinder heads.

    Special Molded Composition Wide Lip Self-Sealing Cup Packing: Furnished as standard.

    Leakproof Gasket Seal: Between cylinder wall and head on Class 1 cylinders. Recessed gasket on Class 2, and Class M cylinders.

    Quick-Opening Ball Check Valve: Assures quick starting under full power. Permits line pressure to act on full piston area instantaneously.

    Positive Seal V Ring Stack Packing: Three Nylok inserts lock the threaded packing gland in place and maintain proper packing compressions. Larger diameters employ a piston rod bushing packing gland and bolted retainer ring.

    Iron Alloy Cylinder Heads: For durability and long life. Through a large combination of standard and special heads, it is possible to furnish cylinders with mountings for Special Applications.

    Piston Rod: Cylinders are regularly supplied with hard chrome plated steel piston rods. Threaded in one of three types of rod ends, fine thread series unless otherwise specified. Alternate oversize diameter rods can be accommodated in all standard rod head castings.


    • Wrench Flats
    • Hi-temp Seals at extra cost
    • Special Alloy Piston Rods
    • Stop Tubes
    • Oversized Rods
    • Piston Rod Extension
    • Rod Threading
    • Cylinder Ports
    • Double Rod End
    • Cushions
  • Model A - Parallel Base Mount

    Used in applications requiring straight-line push-pull motion where the cylinder can be mounted on a flat surface.

    Model E - Clevis Mount

    Used in hoist service or where articulated or oscillating movement is required.

    Models C & D - Right Angle Flat Base Mount

    Used in applications of upward pushing or inward pulling power or cantilever action when mounted at right angles to a vertical surface. Usually mounted on any flat base with provision for proturding cushion boss.

    Model F - Trunnion Mount

    Used where oscillating movement is necessary in connection with heavy side thrust.

    Class M - No Tie Rods

    Used in heavy duty applications in mines, quarries, steel mills and construction. The flanges are welded to the steel cylinder tubing.

  • Made of high grade malleable iron or steel plate stock are designed to fit the blank end of Model E or into the slot of clevises.

    Made of high grade malleable iron are available for all standard models and sizes.

    Made of mild steel are available for all standard models and sizes.

    Adjustable mounting allows switches to be located anywhere within range of the piston travel. Several switches may be mounted to control or initiate any squence function. Used in plant environments where dirt and contamination create difficulties for electromechanical controls.

  • Class 1, 2, M Catalog

    Nopak Full Product Line Catalog (Literature: PDF)

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