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Class 1 SVR

Class 1 SVR Cast Head Cylinders come standard with a piston rod packing box that is designed for double bearings and oversize rods, with bolt-on steel plate packing retainers.

Available in: Hydraulic Cylinders, Pneumatic Cylinders
    • The Piston Rod Packing Box is designed for Double Bearings and Oversize Rods with bolt-on steel plate packing retainers.
    • Easily adjustable Rod Seals are a multiple stack split V-Packing available in fabric-reinforced nitrile or fabric-reinforced Fluorocarbon.
    • The Piston Rod has a larger diameter; beyond the oversize OB rod.
    • The Piston Rod thread lengths are longer than standard Class 1, 2, M to incorporate a hex jam nut.
  • Model E - Clevis Mount

    Used in hoist service or where articulated or oscillating movement is required.

    Model C & H - Right Angle Flat Base Mount

    Used in applications of upward pushing or inward pulling power or cantilever action when mounted at right angles to a vertical surface. Usually mounted on any flat base with provision for proturding cushion boss.

    Model F - Trunnion Mount

    Used where oscillating movement is necessary in connection with heavy side thrust.

  • Class 1 SVR Catalog

    Nopak Full Product Line Catalog (Literature: PDF)

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