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Single Solenoid Valve

Nopak Matic Solenoid Valves are designed as compact, rugged and economically priced to solve the most demanding solenoid pilot operated air valve applications.

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    • Developed especially as a compact, rugged, exonomically priced valve to solve the most demanidng solenoid pilot operated air valve applications.
    • Simple pilot head operator is tolerant to dry, unlubricated air and dusty atmospheric conditions. Ideal for heavy duty batching plant, construction, excavation, and foundry applications.
    • It’s fast action produces instantaneous valve response, even after long periods of solenoid energization or de-energization.
    • One pilot head fits all pipe size standard Nopak-Matic master valves.
    • Efficient solenoid pilot rated at 10 operating watts in closed position
    • Explosion proof
    • Complete valve assembly can be replaced in less than 2 minutes; without disturbing piping.
    • The replaceable, self-cleaning seats are fast and inexpensive to replace. Only 2 seat sizes are required to fit all valves and are completely interchangeable.


    • Solenoid Polot available with manual override.
    • Specially impregnated solenoid coils are available for hazardous, wet or high temperature environments
    • Available with operating pressures to 125 PSI air. *310PP and 410PP only
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