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The Nopak Difference

Nopak is a fluid power solutions provider like none other. We offer easy access to hydraulic and pneumatic experts, custom designing cylinders, accumulators, and valves to solve our customers’ most pressing problems. Throughout our long history as a fourth-generation family-owned company, our dedication to innovation has kept us at the forefront of manufacturing. While other manufacturers have shifted production to cheaper parts and labor, we continue to provide quality products designed and made in America, backed by the friendly service that’s embedded in our company culture.

History in the Making

In the late 1800s, Milwaukee entrepreneur Robert Nunnemacher licensed a malting drum patent, sparking the Galland Henning Manufacturing Company. When Milwaukee’s brewing industry was shut down due to Prohibition, the company explored other ventures, finding success with scrap metal baling. Soon after, the Nopak fluid power manufacturing division was formed. The two businesses were later combined under the name Galland Henning Nopak, or GHN.

More than a century after its inception, this family-owned company continues its tradition of excellence in manufacturing innovation and customer service. Pioneering spirit and perseverance help GHN create the solutions of tomorrow.

Industries We Serve

Nopak specializes in creating powerful solutions for powerful industries. Our pneumatic and hydraulic components can be found in industrial and manufacturing environments with the most demanding needs. We serve customers worldwide in such sectors as oil & gas, lumber & wood, steel fabrication, OEM manufacturing, mining, food & beverage, agriculture, security structures, asphalt batching, petrochemicals, and more from our facility in Franklin, Wisconsin. No matter what your business needs, we can engineer a cylinder, accumulator, or valve that will get the job done.

Our Management Team

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Ryan Knaack

President & CEO

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