In the Beginning

In 1887 Robert Nunnemacher licensed a patent held by Nicholas Galland and Julius Henning to manufacture pneumatic malting equipment for the growing Milwaukee beer industry. For 33 years, as the Galland Henning Pneumatic Malting Drum Manufacturing Company, we produced a variety of malting equipment for the biggest names in beer. In 1920 Prohibition halted beer production and rendered our core products obsolete. It was during this era that various products were developed including the scrap metal baler, the product for which Galland Henning is known today. In 1932 President Franklin D. Roosevelt repealed Prohibition, and the malt beer companies returned for new versions of their trusted Galland Henning malting products.


Although demand for malting products had returned, we continued to engineer our top-of-the-line triple-compression baling presses, eventually developing balers capable of compressing whole auto bodies. Through continued testing and development, we found these larger balers required the manual operations to be replaced with pneumatic pilot circuits. This innovation brought us the Nopak line of air control valves and double-acting cylinders. Over the next 50 years, all operations were consolidated to West Milwaukee, WI, where the Nopak line continued to grow. Eventually we changed our name to include this new product line and became Galland Henning Nopak, Inc. (GHN).

Current Day

Leveraging over a century of proven engineering expertise, today we provide exceptional service and robust, custom-engineered solutions for our customers. With a new world-class facility in Franklin, WI, we continue to invest heavily in our workforce and the latest in CNC and lean manufacturing technologies.

We remain privately held, now in our fourth generation of Nunnemacher family ownership, and are proud to celebrate our 130th anniversary in 2017.