Nopak Cylinders

Nopak Cylinders

Power your potential. Nopak’s robust lines of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders pack power into each part. Choose from a wide range of power fluid cylinders built to NFPA standards, designed to easily replace existing components, or work with our team to custom-engineer a cylinder with the materials and measurements you need.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Demanding industries require heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders. GHN offers NFPA-compliant and fully-custom cylinders for manufacturing applications, including cast head cylinders, tie-rod cylinders, severe service cylinders, and more, with the bore sizes and pressure levels that your systems require.

Pneumatic Cylinders

GHN has the durable pneumatic cylinders and air cylinders you need to power your equipment. Explore our aluminum cylinders, steel cylinders, double-acting cylinders, heavy-duty cylinders, and more, or contact our team to customize a cylinder to your exact specifications.

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Ryan Knaack

President & CEO

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