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FM Series

FM Series balers are designed to process large and bulky scrap without prior preparation. They are built with wide gauge corrugations on the box liner and ramhead to reduce the problem of "stickers".

    • Available with either pre-compression cover or automatic shearing
    • Avaialble with end and/or side hoppers.
    • Replaceable abrasive steel liners on box and ramheads
    • Stuffing boxes have replaceable rod wipers, packings and bronze bearings.
    • *All Specifications are the MAXIMUM possible.
    • Bale Size: 28″ x 28″ x Variable
    • Bale Weight: 1575 Pounds
    • Output: 48 Bales per Hour
    • Power: 400 HP
    • Shipping Weight: 430,000 Pounds
    • Height: 16’0″
    • Width: 29’0″
    • Length: 55’0″
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