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Piston Accumulators

Piston accumulator, 3000 PSI working pressure, available in 4 standard bore sizes and 22 standard volume capacity designs. Nopak also has the ability to design and manufacture to exact customer specifications.

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  • Features

    • 3000 PSI working pressure
    • Hydrostatic pressure tested at 4500 PSI
    • Designed around ASME specifications
    • Lightweight aluminum piston for fast response
    • Multiple piston sealing options available as custom design
    • Low friction / High speed seals available
    • 22 standard volume capacity designs
    • 4 standard bore sizes
    • Ability to manufacture to exact customer specification


    • Threaded end caps made from forged steel bar make both sides repairable
    • Proven bi-directional seal on gas side
    • Two standard seal material offerings: NBR and FKM
      • Operating Temperatures:
        • NBR: -30°F to +212°F
        • FKM: -15°F to +400°F
      • Custom seal materials available
      • Hydraulic fluid ports come in two standard options: SAE O-Ring Boss and SAE Code 61
        • SAE Code 62 port available upon request
      • Nitrogen end cap port valve without core is standard – cored type available upon request
  • Mounting bracket picture

    Full line piston accumulator overview

  • Piston Accumulator Seal Repair Kit

    Repair kits include O-Ring, O-Ring backup, hydraulic side seal and gas side seal.

  • Nopak Piston Accumulator Brochure

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